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Guidelines for Proper Product Videos

Using videos to promote your product or service is almost mandatory in today’s marketing world. Are you doing it correctly? Poor video quality and content can make or break your potential in gaining future clients. When producing a proper product video, think about the overall message you are trying to convey and how you want your clients to view your product and service. Think about inspiring messages or ways to grasp your viewers attention. Here are 5 questions to think about when consumers are watching your product videos:

1. Why Should I Buy? Your video should spark a consumer’s initial want/need to buy your product or use your service. Even if your consumer was not originally planning on purchasing your product or service, make them feel as if they can’t live without it. Show your consumer how it will enhance their everyday living, make it easier, life-changing, awe-inspiring, you name it.

2. What Does It Do? Telling clients about your product is easy, but nothing they don’t already know. Rather than lose your clients’ attention by talking about your product or service, why not show them? Showcase your product in action, being use or being made. Show how your service performs and what to expect. When clients are able to see your product or service being used, they will understand how your product and service will work for them.

3. How Do I Know It Will Work? Clients will not always take your word for your product or service being successful. They have to see it for themselves. Use customer testimonials and tutorials to show the effectiveness of your product or service. Show your past clients using your product or service and how it impacts their daily life.

4. Where Are You Filming? Just as the content of the video is important, it’s also important to think about where the video will be taking place. Be conscious of location and background. Don’t film somewhere that is busy or has the potential to be a distraction, or even somewhere that echos. Filming outdoors can be tricky as well with lighting and unexpected weather.

5. Who Are You Targeting? When creating your video, always keep in mind of who you plan to target. Focus your video(s) around these audiences to capture their attention and make them feel noticed.

Don’t forget to use call to actions in your videos as well as personality. Giving a call to action to your video will allow your consumer the convenience and advantage of taking that next step of buying your product, or using your service. By adding personality to your video, you are showing the human characteristics and fun side to your business.

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