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The Importance of Live Streaming

What Is Live Streaming?

When your business hosts a conference, seminar, or other noteworthy event, it’s important to have as many people as you can attend. However, what if your business can’t afford a big enough space to accommodate a large crowd? What if your audience members can’t attend because of prior engagements? This is where live streaming takes the strain off of these issues.

Live streaming consists of video production that airs your event live, in real time to an audience that is not physically at the location you are hosting from. Live streaming has become beneficial for businesses to accommodate their clients as well as promote an event for a business to gain more exposure and more potential lead generation.

Why You Should Live Stream Your Conference or Seminar

Your conference and/or your seminar is a big step for your growing business, however, it’s important that everyone knows about it. Here are some reasons why you should always be live streaming your conferences and/or seminars:

  1. Maintain Your Commitment To The Community. The goal of your conference of seminar is to be educational to the community. By live streaming your event, you will be pushing your message and your knowledge to a wider, and much broader audience that will gain your expertise and share with friends, family, and many more.

  2. Conversion Rate for Attendance Will Skyrocket. While your goal as a business is to fill a room at your conference, sometimes it isn’t always fully tangible because of conflicts with scheduling with your audience. However, once you live stream and have both physical attendees and virtual attendees pay, you will see in increase in conversion of virtual attendees attend the next conference or seminar you host in person.

  3. Gains More Revenue. Most services have a “break even point” for the amount of attendees to join a virtual online streaming conference for your business to start making money. If you only need a few members to join and your business begins to make revenue, you can then use these funds to enhance the experience for your live audience who is physically attending. This could entice your virtual audience to convert to a physical audience member in the future.

  4. More Reach Towards Younger Audiences. Millennials and younger generations have gained so much knowledge about the online digital world that some businesses just can’t keep up. However, your business will attract younger audiences to your conference by offering a live streaming option versus traveling to the location of the event. Your digital and live stream content is just the hook for younger audiences to potential convert to physical audience members, or even new clients for your business.

  5. Your Guests Can’t Attend Anymore? No Problem. While your business wants to maintain its physical audience level the day of the event, cancellations can and will happen. If your conference is a paid event, and some of your audience can no longer attend, have them switch to the live stream option instead. Not only will your audience remain happy about not missing the event, your business will also save money and gain lost revenue for their absence.

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