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Get More Applicants Through Social Media

Online recruiting has become the most popular way to find applicants for your business. However, has your business thought about where you will be posting your job positions?

Social media has become the top place for online users to interact and “hang out” virtually. Statistics show that the average user has over 5 social media accounts, and visits them regularly throughout any given point during the day.

Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin have become the best place for online recruiters to find the perfect candidates, but is your business doing it right?

Below, we will go more in depth about the successful way for your business to recruit for applicants using social media.

Recruiting on Social Media

Your business will have its own customized way of recruiting applicants online, however, you can use these step by steps to get your business ready.

1. Be Present in ALL Conversations. While navigating through social media to find the perfect applicants can be overwhelming, you need to be active in many groups or have proper networking in order to get your business and your position out there. Get yourself in front of as many potential candidates as possible by using the right hashtags, such as #bestplacetowork or #hiringNOW. These hashtags will start trending the more you use them, and your audience will see your posts more frequently than others.

2. Let Your Applicants Know What To Expect From Your Company. This is the prime opportunity for your business to start sharing company incentives, benefits, and overall company culture. If your business participated in a company Christmas party, did charitable work, or has pizza delivered to the office on Fridays, make this known to your applicants on your social media page for their #FOMO (fear of missing out).

3. Include Your Employees in The Recruitment. Your employees have social media, so why not have them help out in the recruiting process? When your business posts a position available, have your staff share, share, share on all of their social media accounts. Chances are they have a friend or family member who is in need of a job!

4. Don’t Dwindle Your Presence on Social Media. Bigger companies unfortunately can only do so much when it comes to recruiting. Individual recruiters should be present on all social media accounts connecting with potential applicants, while continuing to post regular content. Don’t let your business suffer gaining leads on social media because you need to post open positions regularly.

Benefits Of Recruiting Through Social Media

It is vital that businesses begin recruiting on social media. Unfortunately, you will not reach your entire audience of potential candidates just by posting a help wanted advertisement in a newspaper, or posting a job on Indeed, you will need to have more platforms to be present on in order to gain more applicants for your business. So, what are the benefits of posting a job on social media?

1. Get All The Information You Need Without A Resume. Most users will display information that is important for your business to know about background and history for a position. Users will almost always display work history, or education, or other experience worthy of applying towards a new career.

2. Get To Know The Talents And Interests Of Your Candidates. Social media is a way for users to display accomplishments, talents, and other significant events that happen during their course of life. This is a perfect opportunity for your business to review these life events or talents and apply them towards finding your perfect applicant. You will also be able to determine if the applicant will also make a good fit for your company culture.

3. Sift Through Your Applicants: The Good and The Bad. Recruiting on social media and visiting potential applicants’ profiles, you will be able to see what kind of employee he/she might be for your company, whether good or bad. Take note of how the user is engaging with others in a public way (through social media) as well as what the user shares on his/her profile for all to see. If the user is giving off negative attitude or some seriously bad vibes, trust your gut and move on to the next one.

4. Saving Money For Your Business. When you use your social media profile for your business to recruit, you are not paying anything out of pocket, except your time. However, you can choose to make advertisement campaigns for your business to promote an open position with your company for a certain budget and time limit of your choosing.

Creating a Strategy for Social Media Recruiting

In order to recruit on social media successfully, your business will need to develop a social media recruiting strategy. While all businesses will not have the exact same strategy, it’s important to follow the basics to customize what works best for your business and your overall company’s goals for recruiting.

1. Create a Careers Page or Careers Blog Post on Your Business Website. Your applicants need a landing page to go to when applying for a position with your company. This is where you should start. Add things about your company’s background and culture, as well as other positions you are looking for or if positions have been filled. Don’t forget to go in depth about experience you are looking for as well as what the job duties will include.

2. Promote Your Available Positions on Social Media. Use your social media presence to your advantage. Post your job opening across all of your business social media platforms. Your followers will engage with these posts, either to apply, or even tag a potential candidate. When your followers share your job posting, you are increasing your exposure not only of your job opening, but of your business as well. The best part, is that it is all free.

3. Make Custom Tabs On Your Facebook Business Page. Making a custom tab on your Facebook business page is similar to making a new tab on your business website. It gives users and easier, and faster way to find your job openings and keeps your job postings all in one, neat organized setting.

4. Searching for Candidates on Linkedin. Linkedin has tools and filters that allow your recruiting process to go a lot smoother and faster. You can also post job openings here and allow applicants to find you, based on their qualifications and past experience. Here are more helpful tips to keep in mind when recruiting on Linkedin:

4a. Make Sure Your Business Page Is Complete. Having a completed business profile will not only give your business more legitimacy, it will also show up in more search results. Potential applicants will be able to fully understand your company and what you have to offer, as well as other job positions that are open with your company, and who works for your company that has a Linkedin profile.

4b. Using Filters To Find Potential Applicants. Recruiters should utilize this feature in Linkedin to make a better and faster experience for finding a qualified candidate. These filters allow a recruiter to find potential applicants based on location, education, work experience, and so much more.

4c. Personally Reach Out To Your Candidates. Most applicants will be contacted by many recruiters on social media. Make yourself stand out from the rest. Be personable when you reach out to a candidate. Rather than repeat the same thing to each applicant you talk to, add personal details that are different for each user, such as “I noticed you worked previously for XXXX, is there a reason you left?”. You will receive more authentic and organic answers if you are personable with your applicants.

5. Make A Video For Your Applicants. Video marketing has become the most effective way to capture and gain the attention of your audience. Use this opportunity to make a video that goes into detail about what the job is like and what sort of benefits the job has to offer. Not only will your business gain publicity for making job postings into videos, your potential applicants will admire your dedication to adapting your marketing techniques to gain exposure. Don’t forget to incorporate this video on your Youtube channel, as well as making an ad campaign on Facebook, and emailing to your database for potential applicants.

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