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Common Video Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

If you are not implementing video into your marketing of your business, you should. Video is taking off in marketing today, and if you’re not using video now, your business is missing out. But don’t fret! There’s still time to catch up. However, be cautious of how you produce your video. The last thing you want is a poorly produced video out there for the general public to see.

Not only does a poor video look bad on your business’s overall brand, it looks bad for yourself as a business owner. If you can’t spend the time or the money to make a quality video, who’s to say you won’t spend the time or money to make quality products or sell amazing services to your clients?

Keeping the attention span of your audience is tough, so keep it short and get to the point. Rather than teasing your audience about what you’re offering, just get to the point. The longer you make your clients wait, the sooner they will end the video and move on. It’s best to keep most videos no longer than five minutes. However in most cases, it’s always best to make your video a good one to two minutes.

Don’t limit your video to just one audience. Try sharing your video to multiple audiences to gain more views and attraction to your business. Think of it like this- if you’re not in the market to buy something, someone else is. Rather than thinking only a targeted audience will reach out to your business, think of the potential that a bigger, more broader audience will have.

Think about your “selling techniques” when making a video. Don’t rely on outdated hard selling, pressuring gimmicks, or cat-fishing techniques to lure your audience in. Consumers aren’t interested in being lied to, or wasting time on a video that didn’t give them the answer they were looking for. Instead, be genuine, honest, and show what you are trying to capture in your video. Be a good representative of a honest business who cares about their clients.

Have an idea in mind of what you want to say before you say it. Not practicing what your going to say will show in your video, whether talking to fast, too slow, too loud, too quiet, or even muffled or hard to understand. Practice does make perfect in this case, but don’t feel overwhelmed if it’s your first video. Overtime, you will understand what practicing method will work for you and how you want to show your personality to your audience.

Always know your marketing strategy ahead of time after your video is done. Think about where you want this video to be posted, and where you want it shared, but don’t limit yourself to just YouTube. Did you know that videos are going viral on social media? Facebook has become a huge outlet for video marketing and allows you to publish videos on your timeline, through ad campaigns, and even through Facebook Messenger. Instagram has also introduced new video capabilities through posting as well as through the stories option. Don’t think that YouTube is the only outlet for your video to be shared.

Making the video is important, but what you name it is crucial for clients to find it. Using keywords in the title of your video will help boost your SEO. Clients will use specific keywords when using a search engine, such as Google or YouTube. If your text in your video title is worded correctly, your video will appear in the search results, thus resulting in successful SEO.


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