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Guidelines for Picking the Perfect Domain Name

Your business is growing and now it’s time to reach a wider audience. That’s awesome! You and your business are now going to go the extra mile to put yourself out there on the Internet. Hooray! Have you taken a moment to think about your website domain? It’s crucial that you follow these guidelines for a stress-free experience when selecting your website domain.

When first thinking of making your domain, put yourself in your clients’ shoes. Will your client be a perfect speller? Will your client be able to read your mind when you domain says “2” when you meant to use “to”? Will they know you used a hyphen when you say it aloud in a radio commercial? Always make sure your domain name is easy for your client to spell out, as well as keep it short. If your domain is too long or is too hard to spell, you risk your client either mistyping and being lead to a potential competitor, or getting frustrated and giving up the quest to find your website.

Have you tried Googling yourself or your business? This is a great technique to keep in mind as well when thinking of a domain name. The first thing your client will do is pull up a search engine and type in the keywords they are looking for, such as “local dentist” or “computer repair”. Consider these keywords and implement it in some fashion when creating your domain. Be unique and add your location as well to your domain, especially if your profession is widely popular. For instance, consider “YourIndianapolisDentist.com”. Keywords with locations will help bring up this type of domain name quicker, and will strengthen the SEO.

When thinking of names for your domain, do your research first. The last thing you want is another corporation busting down your door because copyright or trademark issues. Save yourself the legal mess and make sure your domain is truly your own, and is not stolen or copied from another business.

What kind of industry is your business? Are you an e-commerce site, informational, organization? Picking the correct domain extension is necessary for your users to be able to find the correct website you are trying to promote. See the handy graphic below to see what extension you will use for your website.

So you thought of a name and did plenty of research, now what? Buy your domain immediately. Don’t wait, otherwise you risk your domain being purchased by another company. Even if you are unsure of the name, buy it now rather than risk losing it later.

Want to see if your domain is available? Need help figuring out a perfect domain name? Let’s chat.


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