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Will Videos Replace Written Content Marketing?

Written content, although though provoking and inspiring, cannot hold the average attention span anymore. Written content also takes time to find the critical information right away, and forces us to use our brains. Videos help engage the viewer as well as provide a visually appealing platform to display information, all while spoon feeding the information to us without any work from the viewer. So why do we still use written content in our marketing?

Search engines, including Google, rely on written content in order to perform a better search. When completing your search query, search engines index your content easily by using web crawlers or Internet bots. This is why you are able to receive over one million search results in under 10 seconds. While videos that are produced on search engines can perform with amazing SEO, written content can outshine any video if it is filled with the right stuff. Search engines LOVE written content that is full of keywords found in your searches, as well as relative links, meta-data, and on-page optimization.

Even if written content will perform better in search engines, does not mean that it will win in engaging your audience. Since marketing is based on what your clients are looking for, it’s always best to be fluent in both video marketing and written content.

So why are most turning to video over written content? Video is futuristic way of telling viewers how they should think and feel. Rather than having the viewer decipher a written piece in his/her own way, a strong, established video does all the work for him/her and decides how the viewer should feel after watching.

Written content is still important in the marketing world to some degree. When a reader is trying to make a decision or focus, written content is the best form to communicate. Readers will span their attention to every word that they see and think critically about the piece after reading. Since written content is open to interpretation, readers may often have questions, or feel informed after reading a written piece. Written content is great to use when displaying crucial information. You wouldn’t watch a video about a contract you’re about to sign, correct?

Whether your specialty is in video marketing or written content, always keep in mind to be the master of both. Focusing your efforts on both written content and video marketing will allow you to reach multiple audiences, rather than just one. Try pushing out written content at least once a week, an a video once a month. If you find your audience favor one over the other, don’t give up! Continue to write blogs and continue to produce videos. However, take a step back and find out ways you can improve in each field.

When thinking of audiences and uses for your content, keep the following in mind:

Text will always target desktop computer audiences, while videos will target both desktop and mobile device audiences. Use a video to emit an emotional response, to discuss complicated issues or to solidify your brand awareness. Use written content to deem yourself an expert in your field, as well as establish critical thinking, and meaning in your piece.

After producing your content, it’s important as to where that content will be featured. When posting a video, always post to your social media outlets. Videos are used for a form of entertainment, so your video will obtain more views and will be more user friendly on this platform. Your written content should be placed in more sophisticated areas, such as Linkedin, local magazines, newspapers, etc. This will allow your business to showcase your expertise and knowledge of the field you work in.

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