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5 Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Who Are You Trying to Target?

Your product or service should be unique and designed specifically around a particular sphere of people who would benefit from your product or service. Your clients should see a reason to buy your product or service and how it would better their everyday life. Rather than trying to target anyone and everyone, try focusing on ones who would likely buy your product, or use your services.

Forgetting about Repeat Visitors

It can be easy to only want to attract first time clients, assuming they will continue to purchase your product or use your services. However, you cannot assume that a client will want to continue doing business with you. Always find ways to retarget your repeat customers. They are more likely to buy than a first time visitor to your site, so why not do something to show your appreciation? Send repeat customers emails of quality content made specifically for them, or offer a sweet deal on their next purchase. A little goes a long way.

Your Content Lacks Value

Show the expertise in your field by pushing out quality content for your subscribers. Always make sure your content is thorough, is informative, and gets a targeted message across. Use graphics and data that help get your message across and add life to your content. Video is a great option to use instead of written content, or it can be used as a supplement. When using graphics and/or video, your content will get better results in most search engines, resulting in better website traffic. Creating excellent, quality written content will not only benefit your business traffic, but also expand your knowledge and expertise to your clientele.

What are Your Goals?

Marketing without goals is like taking a vacation without having an itinerary. Although it seems feasible, it’s just not possible. In order to see progress in your business and to measure growth, you must have goals set in place to strive for a better business. Having goals in place will establish what you want the business to become, as well as how the business will continue to thrive. Creating goals means seeing milestones in your business growth, as well as also seeing the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy.

Spend Money to Make Money

Unfortunately, clients will not always be stomping down your door demanding business. More than likely, you will have to spend money to make money before you can begin to see the profits roll in. Paying for marketing will attract clients to your business, which is a great start. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much marketing. Focus on gaining a generous database of potential clients and then convert them to lifetime customers.

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