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The Difference Between Advertising and Marketing

In the business world, two words always get interchanged: advertising and marketing. You always here that businesses need to “advertise” and businesses need to “market” themselves in order to be successful. However, advertising and marketing are two different things, and not one in the same.

When a business advertises, it is making flyers, sending postcards, starring on billboards, you name it. When a business advertises, it is showing the world that it exists and it is ready to make money. Advertising, although encompasses a lot of marketing, is not the entire sphere of what marketing entails.

Advertising is just one piece of the marketing pie. While advertising is the main aspect of marketing, marketing also includes market researching and analyzing, website development, product development, public relations, marketing and sales strategy, marketing planning, community involvement, and customer support.

Advertising will help your company grow, but marketing will help your business become sustainable. Marketing is the execution you use to “touch” every prospective client. This includes advertising, however it also includes how your support staff handle customer situations, how orders are being placed and distributed, as well as how your product’s reputation is.

As a business that wants to succeed, it’s imperative to not only look at the ways to get customers through advertising, but to make sure your marketing is up to par as well. Make sure your business is answering the phone in a prompt and polite manner, always have someone on hand to answer any questions that come through emails or instant messages, have orders neatly packaged in a decorative manner, and don’t forget to always “touch” your past clients.

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