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10 Things Your Business Facebook Page is Missing

1. A Vanity URL : Choosing/Creating your own Facebook URL is vital so it is easy to remember and easy to share with consumers, plus it needs to look presentable. When you first create your business page, you are assigned a random url, such as facebook.com/pages/yourbusinessname/2435781. Make sure you edit this so it is recognizable and easy to share for your business. We suggest changing it to http://facebook.com/businessname for simplicity and appearance.

2. Having a Perfect Cover Photo : Use an image that will having your audience saying “WOW!” This could be featured products, location, services, and so much more! Make sure that your cover photo meets the size requirement of Facebook (851x315 pixels) before uploading.

3. Getting a Distinguished Profile Picture : Your visitors need to be able to recognize who they are dealing with. This profile picture could be your business logo or yourself. We recommend that you choose this photo wisely, since this photo will display as a thumbnail when you make specific updates and post on Facebook. If you have multiple employees working for your business who wish to branch off onto their own Facebook business page, we suggest keeping your profile picture as your business logo. Don’t forget to make sure your photo is sized accordingly (180x180 pixels) before uploading!

4. Upgrading your “About” Section : This is the first section that consumers will go to to learn more about your business. It’s important that this is not only filled out, but is detailed about the products and services you offer. Make sure that the short description section on the About page is filled out as well. This will appear as a preview for visitors to see before liking your business page.

5. Earning Your Badge : Facebook has introduced a badge for businesses to earn, called the “Very Responsive” badge. This badge will only appear on your page if you respond to all Facebook messages (to your business) within 15 minutes for 7 days straight. You must also respond to at least 90 % of messages that your business receives. If you do not earn this badge, Facebook will display your normal response time. By having this badge your visitors know they can ask you questions and get answers quickly and promptly!

6. Accruing Milestones : When your business does something cool, why not show it off? Facebook offers “milestones” that you can add to your page. Milestones for your business can reflect awards won, fundraising, new product releases, and many more accomplishments. Adding milestones to your business page will represent a thriving and well established business!

7. Selecting a Call to Action : Adding a call to action button on your Facebook page is crucial for making visitors into customers. When selecting a call to action button, make sure it corresponds with the product, service, or offer you are providing. For instance, if you are wanting a visitor to book an appointment, select the “book now” call to action button. Your call to action button, once selected, will appear at the top of your business page.

8. Creating Custom Tabs : Custom tabs on your Facebook business page will make you stand out from the rest! Get creative and make tabs that feature some of your latest products or services, or even upcoming events for your business. The possibilities are endless! We suggest you make no more than 2 custom tabs. This helps eliminate clutter from your business page, but also helps you feature items that are easier to get to.

9. Quality Posts, Content, Images, and Video : You’ve heard of the saying “quality over quantity”? This applies directly to what you post on your Facebook business page. While it’s necessary to post at least once or twice a day to your followers, it’s more critical that what you post is more important than how often you post. Use this as an opportunity to push out the latest blog post your company wrote on a specific and trending topic, or newsworthy information to your followers about a sale. Don’t forget to add images and video! Posts with images and/or video are 2-3 times more likely to get noticed and get more engagement than posts with just text. Can’t find a good picture, but don’t have the time for a video? GIFS (moving pictures) are a good choice as well!

10. Engagement with your Followers : It’s an amazing feeling to get tons of likes, shares, and comments on posts made by your business page. However, successful companies have shown that engaging with these interactions is vital. When visitors make a compliment on your post, or interact with it, make sure to give them a like and respond back cordially. This is great practice for your business page and shows human to human interaction for your followers!

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