As the leading expert in making companies famous, we strive in producing only the best products and services for our clients.


Capture your brand in the world of moving picture. Videos have helped businesses stay on top of the technological advancement of marketing today. Let us build your self brand awareness and your company's influence in commercials, introduction videos, product promotion, and so much more. Want to do a live video around the world? We can do that too.


Social media helps your business reach out to more than just your local community. Our social media management team is constantly updating your social media accounts, engaging in posts and interactions with your social media audiences. Our team will also help strategize your posts and help boost them to target audiences around the globe.


Website traffic is a must for new and growing businesses. The first thing customers do is research your business name, simply by Googling. If you don't have a website, customers will click on a business that does, and move on. We create smooth and easy to manage web sites that are catered to your business needs and appearances.

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Regardless of company size or industry, Famous Marketing Company has proven success working with each client to visualize the brand story and create compelling visual content. Take a look at our featured clients below.



Passionate Producers

Famous Marketing Company is an award-winning Video Production Company, based out of Indianapolis. Since day one, we’ve been working with industry leaders in every genre and format, and pride ourselves on the professional, thorough, and, most importantly, creative services we offer.

We have been the leading expert for making companies famous. By combining the latest in digital marketing strategies and techniques, our team of experts have made our clients build better brand awareness, optimize target audiences, and drive revenue and leads for their businesses.


We welcome work from all sectors and will work around the clock to produce cutting-edge video content that is engaging, original and dynamic. Take a look at our showreel to learn more about what we can do for you, and get in touch today so we can start collaborating.


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6004 S East Street Indianapolis IN United States 46227

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